How A Fresno Loan Mod Helps Preserve Neighborhood Values

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Fresno CA – Yes, short sales actually help preserve home values in a neighborhood. Here is why.

Most people short sell their home while they are still living in the home. They are maintaining the home, mowing the yard, keeping the air conditioning on, etc.

Most bank owned properties are empty for 2-6 months, if not longer. No one maintains the home during that time period. Empty homes are easy targets for vandalism and thieves.

The grass and yard get overgrown. Pools deteriorate and the water turns green with algae.
In some Southern States, such as Florida, if a home is not air conditioned during the summer, then mold will grow on the walls inside.

In the Northern States, if a home is not heated during the winter, then pipes can ice up and break causing a lot of plumbing damage.

Even things as simple as sprinkler system can have problems when they aren’t used for 2-6 months. A sprinkler system contractor recently told us that if the system isn’t ran at least once a month, then it can have problems.

All these things added together cause bank owned homes to sell for much less than a short sale. That is why you should be proud that you are short selling your house.

You are doing a big part to help keep the housing market and your neighborhood. In addition, you are helping the entire economy because the housing market is such an important part of it.

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